Don't let your invitation get tucked in a drawer. Make sure it's

engaging design to set the stage for your best day ever

display worthy!

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Newport Rhode Island Wedding Invitations

Serving Couples Worldwide With Coastal Inspiration

feeling stuck

You've made it!

crafting the perfect invitation!

The venue is secured, colors and flowers chosen, photographer selected and your look & feel pulled together with countless vision boards. All your hard work and planning has led you
to this last and may I say...... super important step. 

After all it’s the first tangible item your guests will have introducing them to your wedding!

But frustration sets in

You might think, I can do this myself

Online template options can be hard to navigate and leave you feeling overwhelmed. You might think, I can do this myself...but then wonder, where do I even start (how much postage do I use, what is the right etiquette, how early do I mail them…the list goes on) …. just to end up feeling confused and frustrated. 

another way

You shouldn’t have to
feel this way. 

Creating your wedding invitations should be fun! 

Your Newport Rhode Island wedding invitations should be a reflection of your vision and symbolize to your guests that your wedding will be one to remember! You want them to fit that perfect vision you have in your mind, something that will spark fond memories years down the road.

this is easy!

It’s time to let it be easy!

Engaging design that sets the stage for what is sure to be the best day ever.

Don’t go it alone or settle for rigid stock designs that don’t fully express your style and/or needs. Create an excitement for your guests with engaging design that sets the stage for what is sure to be the best day ever.

It’s time to hand off the stress and uncertainty to someone who has the knowledge and expertise to bring your vision to life.

feeling stuck


Fueled by equal parts tea and chill, I spend my days telling stories on paper, making clients happy, one couple at a time. Your story, your love, is beautiful and I can't wait to capture it in an invitation you will treasure for years to come. 

I believe in time making memories and carving out room in the margin for the good stuff. In the kinds of moments that remind you of the joy that can be found in the simplest of times together. 

Let’s Get To Know Each Other

hey friends!

I’m Kate Lemish


After your final approval, your wedding invitations will head to production and arrive to you directly. Shortly thereafter you’ll receive instructions and tips on how to assemble and mail your invitations.  Then sit back, relax and wait for all the glowing feedback from friends and loved ones!

sit back and relax!

Cue the Applause!

Step 03

After accepting the proposal and some housekeeping we're on to the good stuff! You’ll make design choices, and we’ll explore optional bells + whistles! We’ll collaborate together bouncing ideas off of one another to come up with something both personal and beautiful!

the fun stuff!

It's Time to Design

Step 02

We’ll first chat about your vision and what you are looking for in terms of design. We’ll also discuss any love to have items and discuss which ones might make the most impact. When working with Elated Paper Co. you will be working directly with me from start to finish.

video or phone


Step 01

How It Works

learn more

maggie m.

Kate was fantastic to work with- she was very patient, responsive and extremely thorough. Highly recommend working with her!!! Can’t say enough good things about my experience!

As Seen On

# the moms

Thank you for all your efforts to make Elan + Julia's Save the Date spectacular! We’ve received so many calls saying it was the best save the date ever! Moreover, it captures the sublime Joshua Tree vibe and joie de vivre of Elan and Julia too!  

Your invitations should be a reflection of your wedding + symbolize to guests that your wedding will be one to remember! You want them to fit that perfect vision you have in your mind, something that will spark fond memories years down the road.

Check Out Some Of My Work

Learn more about the experience of working with Elated Paper Co., about my process and procedures, paper + print options as well as investment and timelines. What can you expect from our time working together? I've compiled all the details here.

An Elated Experience

What People Are Saying

nicole r.

The suite that Kate created for our wedding weekend was absolutely one of my most *favorite* elements of the celebration. She created such incredibly exquisite designs down to every last detail. I was blown away at her timely execution considering all of the unique requests. 

Working with Kate was pure joy from start to finish. 

janet c.

Kate is very talented and goes above and beyond to make sure that the end product exceeds expectations. Our wedding invitations were absolutely breathtaking and captured our vision and desire to share an intimate and unforgettable wedding weekend with our family and friends on Nantucket Island..

Working with Kate was pure joy from start to finish. 

eve  i.

Kate was so great to work with--even when I changed my mind about design aspects maybe a thousand times, she always got proofs and mockups back to me very quickly. Quality of the invitations was excellent, and got lots of compliments on them. Using her again for another event this summer. Thank you!!!

Professional, Responsive, & High Quality

Kelsey p.

 I found Elated Paper on Etsy while browsing for wedding invitation and save the date ideas. Truthfully, I was thinking of avoiding wedding invitations all together and just doing everything digitally after our Save the Dates went out. Then I found Elated Paper, and let me tell you, I am SO HAPPY I did. 

Attention All
New Brides

logan s.

I was so excited to find a local artist who knew the exact look to portray the timeless style of my wedding location, Newport, RI.
I, of course, cried when I got the invites because they were even better in person. 

Wedding planning can be hard. Creating your perfect invitations should be easy, fun + stress-free!! Grab your free custom timeline calculator (so you know what to mail when) AND paper goods checklist (a comprehensive list of common items needed for your wedding)! You'll be on your way to a less stressful wedding!

Custom timeline calculator + paper goods checklist

Grab Your checklist +
timeline calculator

A lot of moving pieces go into planning a wedding and we know it can be overwhelming! Grab my free checklist and timeline calculator to alleviate some stress! 

Thank you!