You've made it!

crafting the perfect invitation!

Creating your wedding invitations should be fun! 

The venue is secured, colors and flowers chosen, photographer selected and your look & feel pulled together with countless vision boards. All your hard work and planning has led you to this last and may I say...... super important step. 

After all it’s the first tangible item your guests will have introducing them to your wedding!

feeling stuck

But frustration sets in

You might think, I can do this myself

Online template options can be hard to navigate and leave you feeling overwhelmed. You might think, I can do this myself...but then wonder, where do I even start (how much postage do I use, what is the right etiquette, how early do I mail them…the list goes on) ….
just to end up feeling confused and frustrated. 

feeling stuck

You shouldn’t have to
feel this way. 

Creating your wedding invitations should be fun! 

Your invitations should be a reflection of your wedding and symbolize to your guests that your wedding will be one to remember! You want them to fit that perfect vision you have in your mind, something that will spark fond memories years down the road.

this is easy!

It’s time to let it be easy!

engaging design that sets the stage for what is sure to be the best day ever.

Don’t go it alone or settle for rigid stock designs that don’t fully express your style and/or needs. Create an excitement for your guests with engaging design that sets the stage for what is sure to be the best day ever.

It’s time to hand off the stress and uncertainty to someone who has the knowledge and expertise to bring your vision to life.

Just imagine not having to research etiquette, wonder when to mail your invitations, learn some sort of design program, and wonder how to let guests know about transportation options.

I have a relaxed yet polished process which means you can feel a sense of calm, knowing that your invitations will be the perfect introduction to your wedding. You can spend less time stressing over the details and more time enjoying these precious months leading up to your wedding! 

Because, there’s no easy way to say it, wedding planning can be a full time job in itself and there are only so many hours in the day.


I get these frustrations
and can help!

I understand how much work you have put into planning your wedding and you want your nearest and dearest to be excited to attend! 

Over 18 years ago when planning my own wedding, I couldn’t find exactly what I had envisioned for my invitations. So I designed my own and have been creating suites for brides ever since! 

Over the last 12+ years I have helped over 1,200 couples create unique and memorable invitations. 
I’m here to guide you through the process, answer your questions and hopefully have some fun along the way!


A sense of relief

sit back and relax

You can take comfort in knowing that the details of your big day have been communicated in a clear and beautiful way, building excitement and joy for all the people near and dear to your heart. Remember, revisions are unlimited so that means we work until you are 100% happy with your design. We want you to sing from the rooftops about how excited you are to get these puppies in the mail!

Give you more time to stress less and enjoy the months leading up to your wedding!

Help with all the uncertainty surrounding your invitations and  bring your vision to life.

Make you feel not alone and let your creativity come to life because we don't use rigid templates here!

Alleviate overwhelm. You've probably encountered enough of that on your wedding planning journey so far!

WHAT IF becoming an elated paper co bride could:

Wedding planning can be stressful; creating beautiful invitations doesn’t have to be. Engaging Design to set the stage for your best day ever

 with a stellar first impression

Wow your guests

set the stage

When I’m not busy at my desk or chatting with a client, our adorably active sporty boy knows exactly how to keep us occupied! He brings so much joy and laughter to our lives, every day! We love supporting his passions and the simple things like watching him play his sports brings us so much contentment.

Other than a short stint in Hawaii (one year—I wish it were more), I’m a lifelong New Englander. My hubby keeps me grounded + is constantly making me laugh. I'd do anything for these two guys :)


The heart behind my work.

Back in 2004, when my husband and I were getting ready to say, “I do”, we had a difficult time finding invitations that really suited the feel and tone of our wedding.

So, with the help of some friends, I decided to create my own! I believe that I’d be hard-pressed to convince my friends to handcraft envelopes from scratch ever again, however, I enjoyed the process so much that a few years later I decided to make it my business!

It all started with my own wedding and a dream.

YES! let's get started

You are more interested in the life you are building after the wedding than the wedding itself but are still planning one heck of a celebration

You’re busy with work, wedding planning and enjoying life but don’t want to settle for just any off the rack invitation

You find that a little can go a long way; some thoughtful additions to your invitation suite can have a big impact (ie wax seals, envelope liners, paper stock, colored envelopes, etc)

You like to keep items that spark happy memories; like that old ratty sweatshirt from college or cards + notes from loved ones

You’re not after the same thing everyone else is doing. You’d like your invitations to feel personal and specific to your event.

You understand that your wedding invitation creates an emotional feeling for your guests and you want them to be counting down the days to your wedding!

Elated Paper Co. is a perfect paper match if…

A match made in paper heaven..

We craft invitations that somehow capture all that spirit on paper while creating excitement for your guests in what is sure to be an event to remember! Oh and not least of all....letting your guests know when and where to show up! 

Capture your Story

Your invitations will stand out among all the items in your mailbox. We’ll work together until you are completely satisfied with your invitation suite. Looking back at them years from now will spark a nice walk down memory lane

Unique Design

my promise

what makes me different

My promise to you

# the moms

Thank you for all your efforts to make Elan + Julia's Save the Date spectacular! We’ve received so many calls saying it was the best save the date ever! Moreover, it captures the sublime Joshua Tree vibe and joie de vivre of Elan and Julia too!  

Thank you thank you!

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maggie m.

Kate was fantastic to work with- she was very patient, responsive and extremely thorough. Highly recommend working with her!!! Can’t say enough good things about my experience!

Fantastic experience!

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Oh my goodness!!! Kate was such a joy to work with on our wedding booklets + ceremony programs. Her work was  classy + meticulous. Her punctuality was insanely fast. In addition, she was always there for me to bounce ideas off of. I cannot tell you all enough how much I recommend Kate's work for any event that you pursue. 

You will not be disappointed!!!!

priscilla p.

Kate completely captured our vision for the wedding and created a one-of-a-kind invitation suite for the wedding. She used my photos and made them into works of art incorporated into the suite. She was easy to work with and timely with updates. It made the process easy and fun! Can’t say enough about the positive experience!



Kate did a fantastic job with my wedding invitations!!! She also did the RSVP cards and I highly recommend the addressing service for the envelops as well.  I could not be happier with how they turned out!! She was very quick with responding and the turnaround time from printing to delivery was only a few days! I highly recommend her to every bride! :)

They turned out beautiful!!

eve i.

Kate was so great to work with--even when I changed my mind about design aspects maybe a thousand times, she always got proofs and mockups back to me very quickly. Quality of the invitations was excellent, and got lots of compliments on them. Using her again for another event this summer. 

Thank you!!!



No. 1

This can be overcome by adjusting some of the insert cards, printing types and adjusting some of the bells and whistles. Aside from this I also have a budget friendly line on Etsy; there are fewer options for personalization but comes at a lower price point

No. 2

You're in luck! I offer a full line of wedding day items including programs, menus, escort cards, seating charts, cups, napkins, koozies, etc. If you have an idea, ask me and I'll let you if I can make it happen!

No. 3

Typically no. I reserve the right to not provide digital files of art created for your invitation suite. That being said, please reach out with your needs and I'd be happy to have a chat.

No. 4

The process usually takes 5-10 weeks from start to finish. More complex print types typically take longer to produce. I have turned projects around in two weeks but don't make it a habit. It's less fun for all involved!

No. 5

Due to the custom nature of the work I do not offer refunds. If there are issues with the printing that is result of Elated Paper Co. error I will fix those issues quickly. If there are issues with printing that are a result of items that were signed off on I work with the client on a reprint but additional costs will be incurred.

No. 6

While I don't offer physical samples I do have sample paper packs that I'm happy to send along to you. Just email me with your address and I'd happy to drop them in the mail to you!


Fueled by equal parts tea and chill, I spend my days telling stories on paper, making clients happy, one couple at a time. Your story, your love, is beautiful and I can't wait to capture it in an invitation you will treasure for years to come. 

I believe in time making memories and carving out room in the margin for the good stuff. In the kinds of moments that remind you of the joy that can be found in the simplest of times together. 

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